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Training tips to stay on top of your game

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Not sure to put here, so its got to start somewhere, But where???

OK No1, Get your gait checked, pop into your local running shop mines they have shops all over, go for a little jog on the treadmill and they will put you in the correct trainers, once you find a pair that works, you will know

No2, RUNDERWEAR Get some, just get some, you will thank me!!!

No3, Tikiboo's ohhh my good, I love Tikiboo's, now I know you blokes are going to say "I ain't wearing woman's running leggings. I got 1 pair and now I have 11 pairs, Comfy? Yes, Stylish? Yes, can get a matching pair the other half and not look out of place? YES!!

No4, Find a Personal Trainer who LISTENS to you, and more importantly challenges you, if your PT does the same stuff, session in and session out, Find a new PT. And most importantly listen and trust in them.

No5, Listen to your body, if you don't, you will be visiting a Sports Physio-Terrorist and you will then learn to listen to you're body.

No6, MOTIVATION, I can't help you here, we all run for various reasons, I.e. " run because a smack in the mouth often offends", "I run to get away from the wife", "I run for the sake of my mental health", "I run for the BLING and Free T-Shirt", "I run for the freebies", we all have a shed load of reasons to run, mine?? you will have to work that out for yourselves, However every time I do go for a run, I put a £1 in a pot and every time I do 20 Sit-ups I put 50p in the pot also, last year I earnt myself a whopping £133.00, just enough for a new pair of brooks running shoes, or a night out with wife, or hubby, or boy/girl friend, or the entry fee to a new more races, spend it however you want, YOU EARNT IT!!!!!!!!!

No7, HEAD PHONES at Running Events, why? I find this quite simple. You only have to look at the people who are walking down the road, phone in hand, ear buds in / head phones on, not a care in the world, and if they bump into you, its your fault. WTF!!!!! now wear Bone Conducting Headphones and you can listen to your music, and hear what's going on around you, I have heard of runners who have been disqualified from races for over ear head phones you have been warned, my personal pet peeve, cyclists, you have a bell use it, or do what I do, I yell" mind your backs FAT BASTARD coming through" and always say thank you, be it verbally or just a hand wave, it goes a long was, and if your in Funky Tikiboo's?? you have just made someone's day.

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