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The story of how fatbastardrunning begun

So you might ask what #FATBASTARDRUNNING is, so I will tell you, The Facebook page was started whilst sat in a Butlins holiday village on holiday, when I saw a picture of me trying to run, and all I saw was a Fat bastard trying to run, So fatbastardrunning was born, T Shirts were ordered, Facebook page up and running but we have to start at the beginning at the time of the Facebook page 2019 I was 40 something 19 stone something, with medical issues, Ankylosing spondylitis, Type 1 diabetic, high blood pressure, open heart surgery 10 something years ago, sleep apnea, flat feet, and on list of meds that you would send you asleep if I listed them. Many years ago on the TV there was a advert that went along the lines of "belly's gonna get you", that's sort , nope lets be honest here, that is how I feel, or to put it blunt, FAT. I do Basingstoke parkrun, but I do walk, time has got better since I started, my current PB is 50.03 set at Minehead parkrun.  (as of Feb 2021 my PB is 41.00), this is my journey, I have a personal trainer

Caroline PartnerFitness Quest Personal Fitness Training

and have spent time with Seb @

The Optimal Sports Therapy Centre

( just don't let him get this gun thingy out), I have had great help and ongoing advice from all. But we have to pop back in time a bit here, my wife

Amanda and Diddydave  took part in

Endure24, ( What a cracking idea, I know lets see how many times I can run a 5 mile course in 24 hours) in Wasing park 2019 and I went along as support crew, and well and truly dropped myself in it at the end, I very stupidly said, I will run that with you next year, so the training has started in earnest, that's what #fatbastartrunning is. It's me a fat bastard, trying to run, if I can do 5 mile in under 1 hour, I will be happy wish me luck. (and yes i have 999 on speed dial.)

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